Interior Design Show 2012

I had a great time at IDS this year.  There were so many people to see and LOTS of gorgeous design ideas to replenish the imagination.

First things first: I loved the Andrew Richards Designs booth from top to bottom.  It was full of vibrant colour, fresh flowers and terrific outdoor furniture.  Richards’ designs are in the high-end range and are meant as an investment in your outdoor rooms.  Can you see why?  They are stunning.  Available in Toronto on King East in the same building as Up  Country.

The semi-circular sectional is so perfect for an outdoor lounge. Love the pink and white combo!

Changing themes now to the Elte booth which was also spectacular.  Like last year with the Second Life rugs, this year they launched a new rug collection at IDS called Silk Orchid.  Made from recycled sari silk they are hand-knotted to perfection. I am very excited about this because the pieces are stunning: soft, pretty, on-trend, glamorous etc etc etc.  I can’t wait to get my hands on one. These are going to be big.
This is the rest of the booth. They chose to go with an industrial look with glam chandeliers. It works with the rugs. A balance of masculine and feminine is sometimes necessary no?

This may be my favorite booth of the entire show:  entitled the “BY_Lissoni Lounge” the space was designed by Italian architect Piero Lissoni who specializes in luxury residences, hotels, yachts and resorts.  It so incredibly stylish with it’s mix of stark white, soft woods, pale floor, tribal pieces, glass and all those spineless books.*  I would live here in a heart beat.

* I do my books in the same way at home and I love the clutter-less look.

You can’t ask for a more chilled-out fabric than burlap. Look at this couch: it’s upholstered in a softer-version of floor sack material. Love it.

A styling tip for you: stacks of books are always a romantic touch.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the amazing styling of Alfred Sung‘s new outdoor collection. The price points are affordable and the look is fresh.

Moving on to something completely different, I was totally wowed by the space-planning in this installation designed by Mike Niven, a leader in innovative condo layouts.  This space is only 480 sq ft. and feels so complete!!  There are lots of ideas to borrow here for sure.  A small clue: it’s all in the built-ins (by Robert Design Group BTW).

This tiny space was designed by DeeDee Taylor and was limited by the same constraints: make 480 sq ft feel complete not limited.  Things to covet here: multiple chandeliers, mirror “windows”, gorgeous moldings, well-placed flat screen AND a surprise drop-down privacy screen!

I totally loved these chairs from Spinnaker, a Norwegian company with great style.  They are simple, yet very well constructed and have a minimalist approach. I love the linen/sail-cloth seats, rope straps and oak frame. So very chic.

Last but not least, I want to mention one great lighting piece that is perfect for a loft or studio space.  This one was created by BARTOSIK, a Toronto-based company that specializes in architectural-type installations and is represented by Klaus by Nienkamper.


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