My Favorite Things: Rosedale-Summerhill Design Walk

As every Toronto designer and stylist knows, the Rosedale Yonge Street strip is a treasure trove of design finds that can light-up even the most  dreary of late-winter days.  I like to pop in as often as possible to see what’s new and get inspired.  Here is a collection of my favorite moments that I hope will spark your imagination:

Style-icon Hollace Cluny never disappoints and today I found several items that could really work in a modern space. The first is the fantastic collection of ceramics that look great all lined-up together but could easily be split up into small groupings.

I think that these pillows are fantastic and are worth the investment. The yellow one is called “pomegranate” and has been very popular.  There are tons of colours to choose from right now. You can also find a nice collection of coulourful throws made from recycled saris.

I fell in love with this light when I saw it at IDS last year when I blogged about it for Toronto Life’s Design Scout column. It’s called the Excell Chandelier by Roll & Hill (there is also a floor lamp version). I find it modern, interesting and (oh thank you, thank you) unique. Sometimes great lighting that hasn’t been seen before can be tough to find.

The same properties can be applied to this great tube-based pendant by Michael Anastassiades (please check out his website if you haven’t already). The ‘wow’ comes to mind over and over again.

Now moving up the street a little to Jamie Alexander I I found this adorable collection of violins! What a treat! Would this not be perfect for a living/dining room, library or foyer? I am also including a picture of how to use one instrument in a shelf-scape.  Stay creative and you never know what you’ll come up with.

Oops! Speaking of treats, the chocolate croissants at Patachou are absolutely unavoidable. Yum!

At L’Atelier, Youssef Hasbani is the uncrowned king of the vignette.  Look at this ensemble of gorgeous finds and tell me how he always seems to pull it off. The most amazing part is the floor mirror that looks like a tall Parisian window or clock tower, then paired with a dangling chandelier, handsome desk (more on that later) and two matching desk lamps.  Breathtaking.

I had to do a close-up of the desk surface as it is so exquisite.

This is my second favorite vignette at L’Atelier today. I really like the grouping of blonde woods, the light desk and the black lamp shade. So very chic.

My last item (and trust me, I skipped many things in the name of time) is this beautiful 18th century panel with french carving from Absolutely North. I didn’t get an exact measurement but I am guessing that it’s about 6 feet across. What an unbelievable treasure.  That’s all for now…happy spring shopping!


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