Inspired Design from Norway

On this first cold and blustery day of March I find myself day-dreaming of summer days to come and sailing on wide open water.  So I’m doing what I always do: looking for design ideas that make my dreams part of my everyday life.  Want to join me?

A few weeks ago I wrote about a new discovery that I found at the Interior Design Show (you can read that post here): a company called Spinnaker that brought a few phenomenal pieces to display. This modern company hails from Norway and their “Spinnaker Chair” was inspired by the crisp look of white, billowing sails.

While gorgeous in white I was also totally ga ga over the tailored black look embossed with bold lettering reminiscent of racing sails.  I would love to put this chair into a masculine living room for a bit of edge. BTW the Spinnaker was designed by creative duo Linda Steen and Lena Axelsson (extra point for female designers!).

I was equally impressed (or maybe I should say obsessed?) by the “Relax Chair”, an outdoor piece that I  would love to add to patio decor or a modern dock lounge.  These chairs encompass so many of my favorite things: natural fibers like linen, leather and oak; a rustic casual vibe and nautical styling.  A cool feature: they adjust to any uneven setting by shifting slightly to stop wobbling.  The leather straps and ropes are design just for this purpose. Can you imagine something more perfect for perching beside the lake?

Check out to find out more about both the “Spinnaker” and “Relax” chairs- I’ve been told that they ship to Canada.

A third great find from the same company in Norway is the “Scandia” chair which is available in Toronto at Mjolk or at Full House Modern in Vancouver.  These chairs are come in stackable or lounge varieties made of lacquered American walnut or American oak.  Gorgeous and perfect for those looking for something fresh with a mid-century vibe.

All images come from Spinnaker’s website or my own personal snapshots at IDS.


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