Holt Renfrew Spring Windows

Welcome to spring Everyone! ‘Tis the season for playfulness, colour, fun and  -let’s face it- new clothes.  If you’re in Toronto, you know that the temperature has been rising to a balmy seasonal high and people are getting their spring-on all across town.  I was on Bloor Street yesterday and fell in love with Holt’s new windows and couldn’t help but want to know more. As a stylist who works in home decor, advertising AND fashion, I am always intrigued by visual creativity and want to know more about how things are made or what kind of personality sparked a great idea.  This time, it’s cute tricks that made me say ‘wow’:  “water” flowing from a yellow hose in the first window (a clear tube was attached to a yellow hose -very hard to find BTW I’ve looked- and then looped around in various ways); watering cans sprinkling down on faux flowers and (above all!) a sense of movement despite static mannequins in a window.  The overall look is fresh, minimal, playful and successfully manages to show-off spring clothes in a chic way.  Fashion’s colour-block trend is achieved through the various themes: bright yellow boots, gloves and wardrobe in one; green boots etc in the next.  It’s fantastic.

I asked Holt’s PR contact for more information on the designer and I was told that the in-house creative team is responsible for thier visual display across Canada.  I would really like to know more so if anyone has more info feel free to pass it along.  They are doing a terrific job.

In the meantime, for those out-of-towners or those who haven’t had the chance to check them out, here is a sneak peak (forgive the reflections!):


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