Garden Party at Andrew Richards Designs

I attended a cheerful showcase event at Andrew Richards Designs  to celebrate warmer weather and the coming patio season. Hosted by Faulhaber PR this summer garden party featured delicious treats concocted by none other than Chef Susur Lee (and his two sons Kai and Levi who are opening their own resto soon- or at least rumour has it). While introducing his tasty-tidbits, Chef Lee named the martini glass as this years’ best way to serve outdoor hors d’oevres- and I have to agree.  Who wouldn’t want to nibble alfresco from a tall, sexy vessel that has it’s own handle?

I love the outdoor furniture at Andrew Richards Designs and refer clients here all the time because the pieces have exquisite quality, chic styling and an array of shapes and sizes to fit any patio space.  This is high-end stuff well worth an investment for those looking for lasting beauty.  The upholstery fabrics and colour choice is boundless and clients can truly get a hands-on feel when designing a space.

This is my favorite piece in the showroom right now because of it’s demi-lune shape as well as fresh white colour.  So glam! If I could have one set, this would be it.

I’ve written about this piece before but it’s worth another mention. I think the sturdy nautical styling is fantastic and I haven’t seen anything like it elsewhere.

There were lots of fun new trends on display including adorable green “grass” carpeting great for softening cold balcony floors or adding whimsy anywhere. I also love the kids’ line that is unbelievably cute:

Steely light grey is a terrific alternative for someone looking for a modern look.  There are several pieces available in this colour and can be mixed-and-matched with others.  The big lounger is fun for those with a big-enough yard- especially good for poolside.

And here I am….what a fun morning!  Thanks ARD!


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