Fabulous EQ3 Store Launch

A brand new EQ3 store opened-up in Liberty Village this week and I was invited to the swishy launch along with my friend Alexis Honce, fashion stylist.  The space is gloriously air-filled and spreads over two floors.  It’s a big improvement on the King Street store and is an excellent brand extension for the modern condo-style retailer.  One of the most hyped features is a Marimekko mini-boutique on the main floor that has bolts of their signature bold fabrics, tablewear and accent furniture.  It’s worth checking out for sure.

There were lots of interesting pieces and Alexis and I spotted these wood-stopper decanters that are so perfect for a modern home:

We also loved these one-of-a-kind wooden stools that are so rustic and cool:


We found these fun mirrors up on the second floor and couldn’t resist (design note: hang multiple mirrors in a vertical pattern to add height or fill a big wall):

I also really liked this dining vignette for it’s big rustic table, pretty white leather chairs and simple settings:

Great swag bag filled with goodies.  Thanks EQ3!  What a lovely evening!




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