Trend Rating Part II: My Pics and Pans of the 2013 Design Forecast

In part 2 of my trend-rating series I am looking at three things: “beige”, “brass” and “outdoors-in”.  There are some winners and one very obvious looser and as always, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Trend One: Beige

Some say that Toronto suffers from an over abundance of off-white but I say that beige is an essential shade that can be updated and changed to keep up with the times.   I love how a room can feel tranquil and quiet when it’s done in layers of white, cream and taupe.  Elle Decor has proclaimed that “Beige” is one of the top trends for 2013 but has it ever gone out of style?  Yes, this is a backlash against many coloured rooms that we have seen recently but I think perhaps that beige is timeless rather than trendy.  For me, this is a 10 out of 10.

For a perfect update, add hits of caramel like in the example below (courtesy of Elle Decor):


This is a look that Restoration Hardware is doing extremely well right now and keep in mind it can be toned-down if this seems over the top:

Restauration Hardware 1 Restauration Hardware 3 Restauration Hardware 4

Trend Two: Brass

Trends in metallics are always shifting from decade to decade and we have seen tons of brushed silver and nickel in the recent past.  With the 70s making a comeback (for better or for worse) designers are using brass and tarnished gold in everything from drawer pulls to coffee tables.  I like this trend and welcome the appearance of a warm metal: 8 out of 10.   Below is an image from Elle Decor featuring an interior designed by Kelly Wearstler:


Coffee table by Mastercraft from the 1970s:Brass 2 A brass mirror from Elte:Brass 3

Trend Three: Outdoors-In

Next let’s move on to one from House and Home: “Nature Comes Inside”.  I am going to break this one into two parts: architecture (a winner) and decor (not so great).  H & H describe the trend as “breezy architecture and nature-inspired accents bridge the indoor-outdoor divide”.  For the record, I love this one and feel a great sense of joy whenever I see a house designed with big windows that open up on a terrace.  It’s a beautiful idea, but is it trend-specific to 2013?  Frank Lloyd Wright designed Fallingwater in 1935 with this exact principle in mind and has it really ever disappeared? Maybe, maybe not (I am pointing at you 1980s) but either way, I adore this look in architecture wholeheartedly; 10 out of 10. 


Falling Water

A modern example:

Modern Outdoor

House and Home also encourages using outdoor adornments like moss-filed urns and garden lanterns to decorate inside citing Anthropolgie’s Terrain collection of woodsy-inspired furniture and decor as an example.   Some things I like and others should be left in the shed. Because there are so many bad examples, I give “outdoors-in” decor a 5 out of 10.  Here are a few examples of things that I think could integrate into a good-looking modern home:
Outdoor 1 Outdoor 3 Outdoor 6
Now here are a few very bad examples.  It seems as if Anthropology is using the trend factor to majorly over charge.
This rusted old child-size chair is $300:
Outdoor 2This scrap wood cabinet could be found in the back of countless barns across the country.  And guess what? They are charging a whopping $2400!
Outdoor 4This is called the “antique swedish table” for $1498.  Unbelievable.
Outdoor 5
Like I said, there are great ways to bring nature inside like fresh flowers, lanterns, planters and drift wood.  And I do believe that it can be done tastefully and without spending a fortune.

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