Designing an Exclusive Product Launch Party for Unilever

A few months ago I was asked to style a major product launch event for Unilever, makers of products such as Dove, Tresemme, Nexxus, Vaseline and St Ives.  It was a huge undertaking and the party was a success for all involved.  This is me tired but relieved to be almost done the 12 hour set-up:

*Me and Mirrors Cropped




Each product had it’s own concept space to give party-goers a chance to sample.  Tresemme wanted a “backstage” style area for touch-ups and it was a huge hit.

BGBG-003The next one was for Clear Men and was meant to be a welcoming space for guys.  I love that they included a high-ending racing bike.


Clear Women wanted a pink and purple space with this high-impact tree image as a focal point.


I loved this one. So fresh and girly.
Another “man-space”.  These lockers came in so dinged up and rusty that we had to paint them on the spot and blend the paint to make it look natural.  And no, the sporty dude was not in the original plan.  Sometimes added touches are the best!
BGBG-032A special thank-you to my unbelievable assistants on this project: Sean Mulcahy and Biagio Galle.  Aren’t they gorgeous?
IMG_0423Most photography (ie the good ones) by Garrison McArthur Photographers.

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