Hudson’s Bay Beauty Book

Well, it’s been a while since my last post but life and work have been a complete whirlwind for the last few weeks!!  Hopefully, that means I’ll have some great new images to post and tell you about.  Speaking of which, the Hudson’s Bay Beauty Book came in my Globe and Mail this morning and I can’t resist doing a mini-blog post to show you the image as well as a few behind the scenes tid bits.  This was a lovely project for me in which I got to collect as many pink peonies I could find -which was no easy task in January- and then sew them onto a pretty bandeau to fit directly onto our model.  I used a mix of real blooms and silks that blended together perfectly to create a gorgeous texture, not to mention a heavenly aroma!  I also placed flower in her hair, and shot individual blossoms for the background and page insets.  The sewing wasn’t always easy since natural flowers are so delicate and the final touches had to be sewn while the model was already wearing the “garment” but I think it turned out great.

FYI: Production by Blu, Photography by Christoph Strube, Makeup by Jackie Shawn and Hair by Justin German.

Here it is, take a look:

IMG_0271 IMG02339-20130114-0820 IMG02340-20130114-1049 IMG02341-20130114-1115


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