Marcel Wanders: Design Poet

I had the incredible honour of meeting international design superstar Marcel Wanders last week at an event held at Klaus in Toronto.  The party was fantastic, but more importantly I got inspired to find out more about what makes him tick and dive into as many images as Google will provide (countless, it turns out).  While I already knew about his work with Mooi and loved his imaginative style, there is so much more to admire than I ever knew.  photo

Wanders places a great emphasis on communicating whimsy, magic, daydreams and wonder (in fact, his twitter handle is @wanderswonders).  His designs are like Alice in Wonderland does Elle Decor with exagerated propotrion, pop-out textures and enchanted  motifs.   He creates everything from high-end hotels to private residences to table-top to furniture and accessories.

Here are my top 10 stunning images of Wanders’ interior design work.

The first one is from the glittering lobby of the Andaz Hotel in Amsterdam; a magical constellation that connects travelers to the heavens above.

Skylight with Bells

The bell theme continues in the Mondrian Hotel in South Beach.  Wanders thinks of bells as the original vehicle for mass-communiction.

Mondrian Dining

Also from the Mondrian, this gorgeous poolside is incredible:

Monrian outdoor

Wanders designed this private Mallorca residence in mostly circular lines, including this sofa (by Poliform). This was his first full residential project and he calls it “unavoidably exuberant and unabashedly outrageous”.  There is a real tension between the modern elements and classic hits like the little black table with antique-style legs.

Red Couch

This is the outdoor courtyard at the Kameha Grand Bonn hotel.  The giant gold pots and cross-word puzzle looking tile pattern visually fill the wide space without restricting it.


Also from the Kameha Grand, this lobby shot is to die for.  Again, the bell theme comes back but this time we get disco balls, a killer black ceiling and oversized decorated pillars.

Hotel Lobby

A bathroom shot from the same hotel.  I love how the gold tile wraps down on to the floor:Bathroom

Shifting to another private residence In Amsterdam, this not-so-huge space required a dedication to organization that is typical of Netherland style.  Despite the desire for streamlined minimalism, every inch of it still sings a wild tune.  Note the decorative ceiling, wallpaper, floor, furniture, partition…etc etc. This works well because amongst all the texture there are also simple surfaces (couch, table, pendant) to give the eye a break.

Room 1

This powder-room has a glass door. I’m not sure I would want to hide that tile either….

Room 4

A door detail with Wanders’ signature logo.



For more inspiration watch this little video:


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