Trend Spotting: Very Patterned Tiles

Since it’s almost spring and change is in the air, I thought I would start a 5 part series on new trends that I’ve spotted on my travels that I think are worth noting.  The first one I want to mention is the use of patterned tiles on floors, backsplashes, walls and even stairs.  This trend is fantastic- and not at all new- but a welcome change from the minimalist effects of subway tiles and simple marbles.  I can’t say for sure that I would have the guts to do a fireplace surround-wall, but I would love to use these in a bathroom or kitchen.  For me, this type of pattern brings a hint of an old world feel; a handmade quality that makes a room feel special.

Leslie Dilcok 2

Fireplace SurroundRosa PomarLeslie DilcockBack SplashEmma LeeBath Tiles

Looking for a source?

I was first inspired at the Interior Design Show in Toronto where I visited a booth by Mettro with fantastic examples of the exact tiles I am so inspired by.  I’m in love with the vintage series that you see here:


I also loved a booth by Edgewater Studio that is a little softer in design and made of glass instead of porcelain.  The patterns are very beautiful:

Edgewater Studio

Photos: 1.Leslie Dilcok of Pearson Lyle; 2. unknown; 3. Rosa Pomar; 4. Leslie Dilcok of Pearson Lyle; 5. unknown; 6. Emma Lee of Pearson Lyle; 7.unknown; 8 and 9. myself.


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