IDS 2013

Today was Trade Day at the Interior Design Show and I thought I would take a few pictures  of my favorite booths to watch out for.  Whether you’re planning to attend this weekend or want to experience the best in show from home here are five of my faves:

1. Cocoon

I loved this booth.  It was glam, elegant, chic and so, so perfect in every way.  Lots of people ask me to describe my personal style and I would say this design is pretty darn close. Can’t you just picture me moving in?


A great example of bookcase decorating!
IMG_0097I love the proportions here: classical and symmetrical with a little bit of messiness.  I like that the stools don’t match and the books are plain white and gold. So pretty.


Oh and guess what? That’s a rug back there! What a nice way to add texture and warmth.
IMG_0100Decorating with fruit and flowers is the easiest and most cost friendly way to refresh a room.  Make sure to pick colours that match your decor.IMG_0099

A giant mirror is stunning in this vignette:  I like that it’s off centre and on the floor.IMG_0101I never liked orange as a wall colour that much…until today.  IMG_01022. Ikea

This booth is always a major showstopper and this year was no exception.  People were talking about this non-Ikea copper bathtub… too bad it’s not available at your local store.  Enjoy it here as a luxurious rustic retreat fantasy- filled with floating orchids no less!

IMG_0109 Ohhhhh the drama.  Have a tall ceiling?   Like a really, really tall ceiling? Add some potted trees to your kitchen counter and a huge grouping of pendants.  Okay…I guess this is just an inspiring concept but what an impact!

IMG_0110I always love the styling of the Ikea booth.  In the past, master prop-stylist Neil Asselin designed the booth from top to bottom and I don’t know whether or not his team did it this year BUT I have a feeling that he did.  His magic fingerprints are all over this.


3. Montauk

The makers of everybody’s dream sofa pulled off a very cool booth this year.  All of those papers are photos of Montauk’s gorgeous pieces.  And P.S. have you seen their catalogue? So nice.


4. Binss Kitchen and Bath Design

This was hands-down the best kitchen concept at the show.  I loved the finishes, and the sleek styling.  Check out this huge range hood:

IMG_0125They also did a fantastic built-in shelving unit.  Yes, everything needs to be perfect all the time and no, ugly dishes are not allowed.

IMG_0126IMG_0127IMG_01295. Earth Inc

My friends at Earth Inc are always one of the best.  They mount tranquil garden rooms for IDS that are created with such ingenuity.   This concept space showcased a modern romantic notion of what outdoor living can be.  It’s hard to capture the feeling in a photograph…imagine the sounds of a water feature and smell of beautiful green things.

IMG_0121IMG_0123That’s all for now and I hope you enjoyed my mini tour.  I’d love to hear from you so let me know what your favorites were!