Fresh Floral Creations: A Holiday Wonderland on the Danforth

Many people will recognize the big pink sign that hangs over the door at Fresh Floral Creations on the Danforth but have you ever been inside??  I was invited to a sweet holiday-themed event at the store today and was swept away!  What a fabulous place!!  It’s a floral-themed wonderland so chock full of blossoms and creative ideas that I recommend stopping by tout de suite.  Creative genius Bruno Duarte wows with a riot of colour, organic-shaped vessels in all kinds of materials and a display that changes often.

 As a nod to this season’s hottest hue, Duarte covered the ceiling with orange baubles tied to rings of playable wood.  The effect is breathtaking (and must have taken about a million trips up a ladder).  Love it.

There is a tropical vibe to the store that is expressed through the bright-hot shades of red and orange.  Mix-in fresh evergreens or sprays of berries to add a festive touch.

These gold gourd vases look like sea-creatures from Neptune’s garden. So fun.

Planters can be found in all kinds of imaginative materials.  Use them for the holidays and then re-use all year round by replacing fresh evergreen boughs with a potted palm.

On this special afternoon, Duarte led a workshop to demonstrate how to build a simple festive arrangement made with hydrangea, amaryllis and orchids.  His (ahem) pupils did their best while sipping peppermint schnaps spiked hot chocolates and nibbling rum cakes.   Not a bad way to learn no?

Here are the required materials: cube vase, stapler, pre-soaked oasis and water sticks (for the orchids).  Oh and some flowers will help the situation…

Start by rolling your leaves into cute cigar-like shapes and stapling them in place:Cut and insert two hydrangeas into the oasis (don’t be shy about pushing the suckers down deep):Drink some schnapsy hot chocolate:Insert a beautiful amaryllis into the centre, group silvery berries on one side, add 2 rolled leaves into the left and 1 to the right and finally add 2 white orchids wherever they look the best.  Et voila!  A Fresh Floral Creations style arrangement perfect for any table.

And last but not least, you must check-out the amazing installation in the front window (so wide it wouldn’t fit in my frame).  Yes, those are real cherries still on the stems woven with orchids, moss and bare branches.  So, so beautiful.  Reminds me of how much you can do when you let your mind wander into it’s most creative place. Bravo Bruno!

Special thanks to Faulhaber PR for a another fabulous event.